24 Hours in Mandalay, Myanmar

Manadalay is the former royal capital in northern Myanmar. It is recommended by many tourists to spend two days in Mandalay. The unique architecture and pagodas make it look like you’ve stepped into another world.

What do you need to know before you go?

  • The currency of Myanmar is kyat.
  • You will need to apply for a VISA.
  • To enter Burma, you must have a valid passport with at least six months remaining validity and a valid visa. 
  • The border crossings from Bangladesh, Laos and China are currently not permitted for foreigners.

Things to do in Mandalay, Myanmar

Visit Hsinbyume Pagoda

Hsinbyume Pagoda has a history that fascinates me. It was built by Bagyidaw in 1816. The prince built this impressive white pagoda in memory of his wife whose name means the White Elephant Queen who had passed away during childbirth. One hundred thousand emeralds were used to fund the construction of the white pagoda. Pagoda includes seven concentric terraces that resemble waves. These are supposed to represent the seven rings of mountains that surround Mount Meru. It is open every day during daylight hours. The ticket price is USD 4.00

Visit U-Bein Bridge

U-Bein Bridge is 1.2 km built around 1850. It is the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world. A boat tour is not recommended in February since there is no water under the bridge. However, there is a sunflower field next to the bridge where you can take nice pictures!

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Visit Kuthodaw Pagoda

Kuthodaw Pagoda contains the world’s largest book. Take some hours to visit the area. Morover, Kuthodaw Pagoda is included in Myanmar Temples tour.

Visit Mandalay Hill

Mandalay Hill is a 240 meters (790 ft) hill. The city is named after the hill. Mandalay Hill is known for its abundance of pagodas and monasteries. It offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Mandalay worth climbing up its stairways. 



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