4 BEST Destinations We Visited in 2019

2019 it’s almost over, it feels always good to evaluate trips we made this year! Check out our favorite places visited. Consider them for a 2020 year! 

Number 4 Albufeira, Portugal

Crowded with British tourists during the sunny days and half-empty in December. We were lucky to explore this amazing town when it’s calm and cozy. The weather was amazing, you get +15 degree Celsius during the winter (Brits were wearing shorts and t-shirts) and almost zero rain due to its perfect location.


  • Talk a picturesque walk along the beach. You will see some small trails winding from a cliff to another one. Be careful, because sometimes you have to go very close to the edge with a powerful ocean below. Praia da Oura – is one of the best hidden beaches in the new town. You can get there from Alemães Beach. 
  •  Rent a car or hire a guide to be able to visit the extreme South-Western most point in Europe – the Lighthouse of Cabo de São Vicente! It literary feels like the end of the world or at least Europe! It’s very windy, make sure you have some warm clothes. I would come back there again for sure. Perfect sunset point.
  • Use an elevator to get to the beach XD I am not joking, since the city itself is located on the hill, they built an elevator to make it easier access for people with needs. It’s 100% free, but with some operation hours.


  •  Veggie Momi – a very cozy vegan cafe! Enjoy homemade food and meet new friends, friendly owners that serve, cook and manage everything by themselves. There is a daily special for a decent price and also beyond meat burger/hot dog (Bill Gates recommends). 
  •  Curry Leaves – I am a big fan of Indian cuisine. A great place for dinner since they open at 5:30 p.m., amazing dhal and veg curry! 
  •  The best bread you will find here. Delicious and freshly baked pastry every day. They also offer sweets and pastel de nata but I couldn’t say the best I have ever tried, but definitely worth trying.

Number 3 Singapore

The future is here, in Singapore. A top developing tiny country located in South-East Asia proves everyone that the sky is the limit. This city is about living smart and 100% safe, it thrives for sustainability and locals are always ready to help you out.


  • Sentosa Island is connected to the city by road, cable car, pedestrian boardwalk and monorail. It’s home to some of the world’s most prestigious resorts, action-packed theme parks, fast food and restaurants, and the best beaches in Singapore. There is no entry fee, and you can chill on the perfect beach without any charge. 
  • The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a 160-year-old tropical garden located within a short metro ride. It is one of three gardens, and the only tropical garden, to be honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the best spots to escape heat and sun.
  • Gardens by the Bay is a must-visit in the evening for a night show. There are 2 shows at 7:45pm & 8:45pm. This is a magical experience that will take you out of this world. It’s 100% free.


  •  The Chinatown Food Center is a mecca for all food lovers. Find delicious food for as cheap as $3. Full of people and flavors the food court will never leave you hungry or disappointed.
  •  Makansutra Gluttons Bay is a bit more pricey food court with cheapest noodles for $5 and higher but views definitely worth it. Quite crowded during the evenings, it’s a perfect spot to hang out with friends and enjoy views over the Marina Bay complex.
  •  Lau Pa Sat Festival Market  located in the middle of the business district the food court has over 5,500 square meters of interior space, enough to seat over 2,000 diners. During the day it’s a perfect place to watch local people come for lunch and during the night time it’s an amazing spot to enjoy some BBQ.


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Number 2 - Berlin, Germany

I came back to Berlin after visiting it 5 years ago and enjoyed it more than I could possibly imagine. This is definitely one of my favorite cities in Germany, it got a great creative community of artists, an amazing food scene and open-minded people from around the world. Without a doubt I would move there for a year or two but I heard a lot of horror stories about apartment hunting in the capital of Germany.


  • Wander around Kreuzberg, the neighborhood full of art cafes, hippies and graffiti.
  • Take a 20-minute ride to Potsdam, visit gorgeous palaces and do a picnic in a huge park. The New Palace is very beautiful from outside, we didn’t go inside. You can use a daily public transport pass to reach Potsdam, just make sure Zone C is included.
  • Go partying on the East Side, people watch and meet incredible mates!


  • Companion Coffee​ – for everyone who cannot imagine their life without a cup of freshly roasted coffee. 
  • Amrit – one of the best Indian food we tried in Germany. Great service and huge portions!
  • Pho Phan – delicious Pho and Red Curry, very affordable and full of flavors! (trust me, I have lived in Vietnam)

Number 1 Lisbon

Have you ever dreamed of being a part of a fairy tale? Lisbon is one of the most charming and beautiful cities in the world: small, narrow and steep as hell old streets. Amazing architecture and relaxed vibe during the day, transforming into one huge party at night.


  •  You really need to wake up early  if you want to find some seating places in the famous tiny, yellow tram #28.  It’s better to start your journey at the very beginning of the route (Martim Moniz or Campo Ourique), then you get more chances to get inside quickly and don’t waste your time in a line. One way costs 3 euros, pay to the driver directly, in cash.
  •   Alfama neighborhood is the most charming district of Lisbon. Turn off your GPS and get lost in these marvelous streets for a few hours. It feels like you are entering the time machine, with all these steep streets, old houses and locals who hang their laundry just above your head.
  •  Visit a creative hub of Lisbon – Lx Factory. What used to be a factory now it’s the creative and gastronomical part of Lisbon. There are plenty of great murals too. Look around for the cafe you like the most and enjoy your drink, feel the inspiring vibe of the renovated site which was given a second life.


  • If you are expecting to see Pastel di Nata here (world-famous Portuguese pastry) I am not the one to tell where are the best ones. People say that the authentic one you can buy only in Belem (20 min by tram from the city center) but I am not a traveler who would stay in line for 2 hours, so I have no idea how do they taste there. However, I can recommend some great vegan alternatives at  Zarzuela
  • Trying to lose some kilos? Skip the following recommendation. Can  you imagine all you can eat buffet for 8-10 Euros in the city center?! DaTerra –  serves delicious, healthy and fresh food. I wish more countries got places like this: it’s super affordable, fast and hustle-free. They have branches in Porto too!
  • The best curry I have had in Europe you can find in Sanskar Nepal. Full of flavors and tastes almost like in India/Nepal. Great service and the vegan cheese naan and chicken masala available! If you are going there for dinner make sure to book a table since it gets crowded pretty often. 

Yulia aka Senior Travel Adventurer

Yulia has been traveling for 6 years already. She enjoys being Digital Nomad and is ready to share her favorite places and destinations with you!

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