5 Lake Bled Best Viewpoints, Photo Guide

I am sure that when I mentioned Lake Bled, everyone is recalling the same image that we have seen thousands of times. Well, let me surprise you there is more, so much more! If you are looking for the most Instagrammable spots in Bled, then you are in the right place.

1. Bled Castle

It is considered the oldest castle in Slovenia. Located in a steep cliff rising 130 meters above the glacial Lake Bled is a symbol of Bled and Slovenia – Bled Castle. 


From Lake Bled

As you noticed most of the tourists prefer to take pictures from the castle terrace with Bled Island in the background.

2. Vila Bled

The building was completed in 1947. It was served as the summer residence of President Tito for many years. He hosted numerous official state visits. In 1984 The Vila Bled opened as a hotel. It has a terrace with a fantastic view. Moreover, it is surrounded by a spectacular park.

From Vila Bled 

What a gorgeous place to enjoy your meal with the best view!


Here is where all the most beautiful pictures of Lake Bled are taken. It takes around 1 hr to get on the top. There is a bench where you can enjoy the viewpoint. However, getting back down is harder due to the slippery road.


4. Straža Bled

It is only a few minutes from the center of Bled. Straza is a smaller hill most suitable for a relaxing walk and summer or winter sports activities. It offers an incredible view of the city of Bled, Lake Bled, castle and surrounding mountains.

From Straža Bled

5. Church of the Assumption, Bled

The church is used as a wedding venue. There are 99 steps from the dock to the church. According to the tradition if you want to have a happy marriage the broom must carry the bride up the 99 steps, while the bride must stay silent. 

From Church of the Assumption, Bled

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