5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Booking Airbnb

You really need to spend some time using Airbnb to understand their technicalities and some hidden tricks they are incorporating to get more money from the clients. Today I want to share a few tips and tricks that save me a couple of dollars each time I use this amazing platform.


1. Using Regular Mode Instead of Incognito

Some websites try to maximize income by raising prices for repeat visitors, reasoning that these folks are already “hooked” and likely to buy, maybe even more so if they see prices are rising. This is a reason why I am always browsing the rental listings in incognito mode and only switch to normal to login when I am ready to book.

2. Not checking service and cleaning fees

You may get excited when you see a great deal on Airbnb. No rush! Always check all the extra fees. You will realize that the final price has been jacked up by surcharges.

The main reason for charging extra is because the service charges a service fee and collects local taxes. Hosts are the ones who set the cleaning fee for the apartments. Hosts can also charge extra for additional guests. The cleaning fee isn’t supposed to exceed a certain percentage of the nightly cost of a room, if a guest is only staying somewhere one or two nights, that cost can seem absurdly high. 

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3. Not Negotiating the Cost for a Long-term Stay

Looking for a stay for couple of weeks? You can try to ask for a small discount if the owner doesn’t provide it by default. The best way to do it is to contact the owner directly. You can drop a small message asking some details and try to get to know him/her better. When the conversation has started you can explain that you want to stay longer and ask if it’s possible to get some bucks off. 

4. Not Reading Through the Entire Listing

ALWAYS read the house rules before booking it! Understand what amenities are or are not included (air conditioning is not always a given). Check out their cancellation policy. Do they allow pets? Do they have wi-fi available?


5. Not Making Sure that Airbnb is Legal in the City you are Traveling to

Paris, Barcelona, and Santa Monica, Ca. have some of the strictest policies regarding who can and can’t rent through Airbnb. It is currently not illegal for guests to stay in Airbnb properties in Singapore. But given how short-term rentals are illegal in Singapore for property owners (and most Airbnb rentals are short-term rentals), potential Airbnb guests should book their stays at their own risk.

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