Amazing Travel Influencers You Don’t Already Follow

If you’re looking for a list of the best travel influencers to follow, you’ve landed in the right spot. We have listed a brief bio of who they are and linked to their accounts so you can get to know more about them. 

Lili and Tony

Lili and Tony are from Seattle, Washington—they are high school sweethearts, who turned into passionate full time travelers. They set a plan, saved their money, rented out their house and quit their jobs in April 2019 and have now been traveling around the world full time. They’ve spent most of their time traveling around SE Asia. When they travel, they like to have the authentic local experience and LOVE street food, it’s the best way to get familiar with local cuisine. They started a YouTube channel and have been documenting their travels through video. They are a loving, light hearted, ambitious passionate couple who love the adventures of travel.

Milly and Tom

They love visiting new countries and experiencing different natural beauty. They enjoy exploring on foot because it gives them a completely different perspective to a car and they often find hidden gems they might otherwise miss! The goal of their brand is to show the journey of becoming a micro influencer so those considering the same path can learn from it and grow their own brands.


Layback backpacker, traveling for the love of food and getting to know more places.

Di is a travel influencer from Spain, currently full-time blogging. She quit her job to travel the world! She shares her best travel & photography tips, itineraries, hotels and a collection of curated photos from every destination she has visited. Her goal is to inspire you to follow the same routes for your future trips!

Kelly and Aaron

They love discovering new places. Their goal is to share the travel insights they have gained on their blog to inspire others to go somewhere where no man has gone before!

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