How to spend 2 amazing days in Vienna

Austria is the city of rich culture. Many composers like Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert worked in Vienna. One of the main reasons why Vienna has attracted so many tourists its due to the unique combination of royal traditions and stunning modern architecture. However, traveling there in a budget it is hard since it has been listed as one of the world’s most expensive cities. For 2 days in Vienna, we prepared a comprehensive list filled with history, music, art, and food that will cost you less than what you have thought.

DAY 1:


Our apartment was located very close to Belvedere Palace that’s why we decided to visit there first. We went there early in the morning to avoid the crowd. The palace was magnificent with a huge garden in front of it. Afterward, we went to Madame Tussauds Vienna. It was our first wax museum experience. To learn more about the ticket prices, click here. We selected the couple ticket since a picture and a gift were included in it. The museum is located at the famous amusement park Wiener Prater. You can take advantage of exploring the area nearby. During the night we went to the famous Cafe Central and walked by Stephansplatz square. 

  • Belvedere Palace
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Park Wiener Prater
  • Cafe Central
  • Stephansplatz Square

We woke up early in the morning to take the metro to the famous Schönbrunn Palace. That was so high on our bucket list. We took a tour in the royal apartments and the magnificent staterooms including the residential suite of rooms occupied by Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth in the west wing, which were furnished in nineteenth-century style. Later on we went to visit the Hofburg Palace. It sent us back in time. One of the most beautiful Palace i have ever seen. Afterward, we decided to spend our night at the Vienna State Opera. A cultural gem!

  • Schönbrunn Palace
  • Hofburg Palace
  • Vienna State Opera

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