Jobs That Pay You To Travel

Do you want to get paid while traveling? Here is a list of jobs that pays you to travel.

1. Teaching English as a Foreign Language 


Teaching English is one of the most popular jobs. Some countries like China are highly demanding English Teachers. These jobs require a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification and two years of work experience in any field.

How to get your TEFL certification and find open positions:

  • Here are some steps to get your TEFL certification online.
  • show some of the most popular locations where TEFL job opportunities exist.
  •  Check out this blog post to learn more about the best countries to teach English Abroad.

2. Cruise Ship Staff


The cruise ship industry is expanding enormously. Due to this fact, there are thousands of job opportunities that might be a perfect option to work while traveling. For jobseekers fascinated by travel, the idea of living and working aboard a cruise ship can be an amazing opportunity to see the world. Some cruise ship jobs require specialized experience or education. 

 How to get a cruise ship job:

  • Blogs as Love to Know are a great resource to learn where to apply for cruise jobs.
  • Check out cruise ship companies’ websites directly for current postings.

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3. Tour Guide


Are you an excellent storyteller and conversationalist? Do you want to work on your own schedule? The Tour Guide’s responsibilities include planning travel itineraries, familiarizing customers with the locality by vehicle or foot, and ensuring that the group remains safe at all times. But, it’s all worth it, and it’s one of our favorite jobs that pay you to travel. 

How to find tour guide jobs:


Senada has been living abroad for 3 years. She enjoys travelling and wants to share her experience with you!

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