One day itinerary in Lviv, Ukraine

The most underrated and affordable destination in Eastern Europe.

To understand better:

Lviv is the big city of Western Ukraine, very close to Poland and has unique mentality you won’t find anywhere but here. People in Lviv are proud to be its citizens, they speak Ukrainian language, enjoy coffee and sweat treats. The city itself is located very close to European Union and gets a lot of positive influence from neighbors. 

Early Morning

Breakfast time

Can you imagine having unlimited breakfast buffet in the fancy restaurant for 5 euro? Eat all you want + champagne included! Trust me, it’s the best all-inclusive breakfast I have ever seen! Be sure to be there early to avoid wasting your time in a huge line of hungry people.

Baczevski Restaurant, one minute from Central Market Square


Give me my coffee!

Personally, I can imagine my morning without champagne but there is no opportunity to wake up unless I have a proper cup of coffee. I am very picky when it comes to coffee, so be sure this is the best place for you to grab a drink. It’s very close to the restaurant above.

Svit Kavy has a long history and was the first high-quality coffee shop in Lviv. Take your time, sip a cup of decent hand-roasted coffee and enjoy peoplewatching with the view of central market square.

Svit Kavy, Rynok square 30

Around Noon

Explore architecture and make some great pictures in the city center

The city center is packed with historical buildings and museums. You can either do a Walking Tour or just wander around the narrow streets. I prefer the latter since I tend to forget 90% of information tour guides are telling right on the same day.

My top architecture picks are:

See it from above.

You can go up the city hall for the great panoramic views. It takes 408 steps on really narrow staircase to reach the top, no elevator provided (there are no room for it, building it’s quite old).

The ticket price is 1 euro and business hours are from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m.

Keep away if you see a lot of children entering the building, school day trips are quite common and you don’t want to be part of it, trust me.


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Lunch time

If you are into healthy food, you definitely should check the menu out at “Green cafe”. They were the first ones to open healthy vegetarian restaurant in the city. Great lunch options and delicious sugar-free sweets! However, there is no WiFi available.

The second option is to go for Georgian food. There are plenty of Georgian people in Lviv, so it’s a great chance to taste some authentic cuisine.

My favorite is the among the oldest ones. “Khinkalnia” close to flea market, just 4 minutes walking from the central market. They serve a mouth-watering baked Georgian bread with cheese (Khachapuri), also there is a home-made wine and their national strong drink – cha-cha.

Khinkalnia na Fedorova, Ivana Fedorova St, 14,

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After lunch, check out a local cemetery!

Don’t get me wrong, this is not an ordinary cemetery. It’s one of the oldest in Europe and all the famous/noble people rest in piece there. Some of their headstones are true masterpieces, also the territory is huge and covered with greenery. To be honest, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a great book, no one will ever interrupt you. 

You can get there by a tram #1 from the city center. I strongly encourage you to walk back on foot (stay on Pekarska street all way to the city center), this is a very beautiful part of Lviv. You can see monumental buildings of the Medical University and there are a lot of parks. It’s never crowded with tourist and you can feel a real vibe here.

Lychakiv Cemetery, Mechnykova St, 33

Go out of the central market to see how local people live

I personally love this place because it’s not crowded with tourists and also I was born in this part of the city. It’s within short Uber ride, there you can see how old Soviet buildings are mixing up with modern architecture.

You can either visit the huge shopping mall (cinema, bowling, clothes etc) or check out the brand new Coworking hub. The best vegan restaurant in Lviv recently opened there, also Italian Pizzeria, Craft beer bar and wine bar.

If you really want to get into the shoes of Lviv people, or maybe tight on budget, take a tram #3 (from the city center) till the last stop and walk a bit. The ticket price is 0.20 Euro. It takes 15 minutes of walking to reach the restaurants and 20 minutes to the shopping mall.

Shopping mall “Victoria Gardens”, Kulparkivska St, 226а

The restaurants are located in a Futura Hub, Kulparkivska St, 200a

I would be happy to hear some feedback if my information helped you to enjoy your stay in Lviv. Feel free to comment or DM us on Instagram. With <3 Yulia.

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