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Formed by lighting bolts…

How to get to Saturnia Hot Springs?

Saturnia Hot Springs is located in the small town of Saturnia, two hours south of Siena by car, two hours north of Rome, & two hours & 30 minutes south of Florence. 

According to the Legend…

Romans legend explains that the Terme di Saturnia was formed by lightning bolts, thrown by Jupiter. During a battle between the two mythological divinities, the Jupiter missed the bolts thrown towards Saturn, which caused the formations.

What you need to know about Saturnia Thermal Baths?

A woman standing in the thermal baths

When it’s the perfect time to visit?                                         

Many travelers state that if you go there in the afternoon the place is very crowded. The perfect time to visit the Saturnia Hot Springs is early in the morning. 

How about the Changing Cabins?                                       

Unfortunately, there are no changing cabins. The tourists change their clothes in the parking lot.


There are no restaurants around the thermal water. Due to limited service, the best recommendation is to bring your food.

Water Shoes

The area is challenging because there are many pebbles. Only the water shoes can protect your foot.

Forget about the Jewelry

Sulfur and mineral content can ruin your jewelry. For sure that if you put them on, they will turn into black.

There is no privacy

If you are expecting some privacy you should keep in mind that the Saturnia thermal water is for free so there are many people around it. You might encounter some behaviors that might not allow you to relax. If you can’t roll with it, the private spa environment at The Spa at Terme di Saturnia is highly recommended. 

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Top Things to do Nearby

Visit Pitigliano, Tuscany

Pitigliano is located 35 min far away from Saturnia by car. While walking in the old town of Pitigliano, you will experience the historical background and culture. Get a coffee and enjoy this amazing location!
A man visiting Pitigliano Tuscany

Visit Bolsena, Tuscany

Bolsena is located 1hr far away from Saturnia by car. It is believed that the lake Bolsena is a Miracle of Nature. The lake is so beautiful and unique, with its black volcanic sands. The perfect destination for swimming, picnicking, and fishing.

Strolling in the Bolsena Streets


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