Steps To Survive Long Flights In Economy

If you don’t know how to survive long flights in the economy, read this article. Sleeping in a plane, trying to distract yourself from those remaining hours is a real struggle. No worries, we have got you covered!

Choose the most comfortable seat for surviving long flights in economy


Here comes the question: Should I pay for a seat reservation?
When traveling in short distances in the economy class it is not necessary to pay for a seat reservation. However, if you are traveling long distances paying for it is the smartest choice. I would recommend a window seat if you are not very tall. You can lean against the wall and try to take a nap. If you are too tall the best option is the aisle seat. You can stretch the legs easily. Still, be careful when another passenger is walking in the aisle. Furthermore, try to avoid the seats close to the toilet. The noise and the smell are not what you want to experience on long flights.

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How to sleep on long flights

WIndow Seat

Some people fall asleep right after the engine takes off. Though most of us struggle with falling asleep while traveling. So don’t forget to take a neck pillow with you. If noises distract you then noise-canceling headphones are the best option. Problems with lights too? Sleep Masks will save your life. 

Flight meals 


So you took care of your sleep and seat, but you have not thought about your meals? Food can ruin your long flights experience. Make sure to check your meal plan. Avoid the ingredients that can make you sick. You might be on the plane for more than 8 hours. Planning your meals has to be the number one priority. Use the bathroom immediately after your meal is cleared to avoid the crowd.


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