The Best Hot Springs in Mexico

The unique thermal water park to escape Mexico City for a couple of days! Overcrowded with locals on the weekend but almost empty during the weekdays. Should be on your Mexican Itinerary!

Las Grutas Tolantongo are a collection of hot spring pools located on a cliff in Hidalgo.  You can get there within  three to four hours drive from Mexico City.

When should you visit?

It used to be a secret place untill the resorts were built in this area.  Over  6,000 people every weekend visit this unique riverbed area. Smaller numbers stay in the hotel rooms. Given the huge numbers on the weekend,  we recommend visiting hot springs during the weekdays or before sunrise, the best time to get mind-blowing pictures. 

How to get there?

Buses run from Mexico City to Ixmiquilpan. From there small buses run to Tolantongo, traveling that route four to nine times each day. Overall, public transportation to the grottos is not totally reliable, and most visitors arrive by car.

It is not necessary to rent a room hotel to use of these thermal pools. The entrance fee is 8$

What you can explore in the area?

  • A geothermal river to swim in
  • Amazing caves with the warm water
  • Waterfalls shooting out of the ceiling
  • There’s also lots of restaurants and bars along the river

What else you should know?

  • Bring you water shoes if you want to explore caves. 
  • Make sure to stay overnight since there are a lot of activities to fill two or tree days 
  • There is no “off-season” as a result it gets crowded during public holidays.
  • You can either stay in the hotel (no booking in advance) or camp outside.
  • The resort is open every day with pools, a restaurant, and grocery store, in addition to the three hotels and campgrounds
  • Bring your own bath towel – hotel most probably won’t let you use theirs outside of the hotel room
  •  Room at the hotel in the Hidden Paradise (paraíso escondido) will cost you around US$35 a night
  • Also staff rarely speak English, take your local friend or download offline google translator to make your life easier.

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