Top 5 the most beautiful beaches in Turkey

Turkey is the destination that offers a variety of attractions. Almost 40 million tourists visited Turkey in 2018. Moreover, it is ranked second in the world in 2015 with its 436 blue-flagged beaches, according to the Chamber of Shipping. I am glad I had the chance to visit most of them.

Driving from one coastline to another was an experience that will never be forgotten. That’s why I have decided to share my journey with you!

modern marina

1. Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the most expensive beaches in Turkey. It is the home of Turkish businessmen and celebrities. It is a luxury travel destination, known as “St. Tropez of Turkey” for its luxury hotels, clubs, delicious food, and most importantly the modern marina. 

2. Datça

Datça is my favorite destination. I prefer quite small cities rather than noisy and crowded ones. The sunsets at Datça’s port are magnificent. I used to seat at one of the many cafes and restaurants to enjoy the view. The shoreline is full of restaurants. They have wrapped the trees with lights and it feels like Christmas on the beach. However, Old Datça is like the cherry on the cake. I would highly recommend visiting the winery in the windmill and the olive farm


3. Marmaris 

Marmaris is very populated during the summer season. It is considered as the Mediterranean paradise. The sea is so clear that you can see your feet. Try to get there in the morning before everyone arrives so you can have it all for yourself. There are luxury hotels, apartments, restaurants, vibrant nightlife. I would recommend visiting Marmaris Castle & Museum and Marmaris Grand Bazaar.

marmaris beach.

4. Izutzu Beach

Have you ever heard of the Turtle Beach? If not, check it out! It is not very crowded since not many tourists know about it. Izutzu Beach is close to Dalyan and is part of the turtle protection policy. The mother turtle lays her eggs and then leaves. To protect the eggs, there are some restrictions such as no dogs allowed, no beach umbrellas in certain areas, etc. Sunbeds are not expensive, and there are decent toilets and changing cabins. If you are a fan of sand and shallow sea, then Turtle Beach is the perfect destination.

Izutzu Beach

5. Çeşme, Izmir

Cesme is located close to the Greek island of Chios. Çeşme has also managed to preserve a Turkish atmosphere, and the area around the Genoese castle has remained largely unchanged for decades. The main attractions of Cesme are the castle, Cesme’s old town, Marina and the beach. It’s preferred from the tourists since there are many beautiful places close to it such as Alaçatı. There are lots of things to do. Don’t miss any of it!



Senada has been living abroad for 3 years. She enjoys travelling and wants to share her experience with you!

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