The real top 5 travel Micro-Influencers on Instagram

Here are the top 5 travel Micro-Influencers who can inspire you to visit the best places. They have traveled to destinations all around the world.

Jackie Sam 

She is a Californian native who is obsessed with traveling. She loves exploring new places, making new friends, and learning about different cultures all over the world. Her travel style can’t be pinned down to one niche. From budget to luxury and everything in between. From the usual touristy stuff to unusual and off the beaten path. She enjoys it ALL! It’s an amazing world out there. She just wants to see and experience as much as possible!

Ben on the Move

Ben started to travel a year ago, after graduating. He had no idea which path to take, so he decided to take a step back. He is in what he calls a testing phase; exploring, meeting, learning, experiencing and traveling. Ben started with a 2-month bicycle ride through Europe, from Belgium to Spain, for a total of 3000+ kilomètres. He is now exploring the beauty of India. He speaks through his blog. Ben gives the perception of his experiences and his travels. He doesn’t like plans, mostly make it up along the way. This method has proven him right multiple times.

Juliette Pinar


She does travel vlogs by exploring both the planet and the human world. Trilingual English, French, Turkish and Japanese ongoing but her Youtube Channel is in English. Enjoy!

SBR’s Journey

A simple soul-O-Backpacker from India who wanders to amazing places in Europe, to experience and share the beauty of life that’s filled with humanity, love, laughter, adventures, wisdom. He is in a gap year from his University to explore within himself and make wonderful memories.


She only started traveling when she joined university 3 years ago and she has been to several AMAZING places like Iceland, Morocco, New York, Bahamas, etc. All she can say is – totally worth the money you saved throughout the year. Pauline normally has full itinerary before she visits the country, prepare her clothes based on places she is visiting, insta-save pictures and food that she wants to take – making sure she is not missing out on anything.

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