Trekking The Laugavegur Trail in Iceland

This out of this world hiking trail should be on your bucket list if you are going to Iceland any time soon!

Laugavegur Trail is one of the most astonishing hiking trails in Iceland. It is surrounded by a variety of scenery, from rainbow-colored hills to black volcanic deserts, neon green valleys to ice caves. ⁠

When should you visit?  

The best time to hike is in mid-July to mid-September⁠. From mid-June to mid-August the weather is warmer and due to this factor, it is very crowded. From mid-August to mid- September, it gets colder and darker. Consequently, there are fewer visitors. 


How to get there?

Reykjavik Excursions and Trex buses company travel to this destination. Make sure that buses are running on the days you want to start and end the hike.⁠⁠ The bus from Reykjavik to Landmannalaugar takes 4 hours and costs $77 US. It runs from mid-June through mid-September (exact dates vary each year).⁠ The bus from Thorsmork to Reykjavik takes about 4 hours and costs $68 US. It runs from June 1 through September 20.⁠


What you can explore in the area?

  •  Amazing scenery
  • Multi-colored mountains

  • Sand and lava fields

  •  Campsites and Huts

4 Days Itenerary

  • Day 1: Reykjavík – Landmannalaugar – Hrafntinnusker
  • Day 2: Hrafntinnusker – Álftavatn
  • Day 3: Álftavatn – Emstrur
  • Day 4: Emstrur – Thórsmörk – Reykjavik

What else you should know?

  •  Map out your route
  • Make sure to book your huts for the Laugavegur trek⁠
  • Carry food and water
  •  Dress comfortable hiking boots⁠
  •  Take waterproof jacket and pants⁠
  • Take waterproof gloves or mittens
  • Don’t forget travel insurance

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